Frequently Asked Questions

The Faith & Mortar Building Project will allow us to provide more room for our
Kinderstart Kids to get the best start to their educational path.

Has this project properly chosen needs over wants?

The Board of Directors carefully reviewed school needs over the course of a year; they were presented to the membership in some detail before any steps were taken. Those close to the school clearly see the project features as needs. Community businesses and organizations recognize the importance of functional buildings that present well. This project offers benefits for the future; the generations to follow are blessed by the foresight of this generation who reaffirmed the vision of the school as a jewel in the Christian community.

Is the project too elaborate to meet the needs of the school?

Building design has moved beyond a simple “shoebox” approach in recognition that design reflects purpose of the organization and an appreciation of beauty (as in pleasant, attractive style that appeals to thought and emotion). Many businesses in our community have created new structures that also incorporate design features intended to appeal as well as be functional.

The spectre of a large mortgage burdening future generations is worrisome. Is a mortgage necessary?

Faith & Mortar’s goal is to raise all the necessary funds and to use a mortgage only as an option if funding is needed to complete the project. Giving for the project may be spread out over three years and some of those funds would be applied to cover the possibility of a mortgage. The Board intends to keep the costs of this project separate from future tuition costs.

How accurate are the projections for student numbers?

Projections are not cast in stone. The numbers provided are conservative but based on current family involvement, future intentions, and present trends. Over the past six years, student numbers have surpassed our conservative projections. Three years ago we predicted 113 students for this current school year; we are blessed with 132.

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