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Is the school involved with the local community?

Our school takes part in the annual Plympton-Wyoming Fall Fair.  Our students have played active roles in Remembrance Day ceremonies.  We also do community “clean-ups” at the Wyoming Cemetery and along Confederation Line.  Student groups and classes perform at area nursing homes and offer support at food banks.

Does your school have busing?

Yes, we operate three buses.  They cover an area from Brigden, Brights Grove, Petrolia, Forest to Watford.  Bus routes are adjusted annually to offer the best service.  All students, even those in Wyoming, can take the bus to school.

Where do your students go after they graduate?

Students attend different high schools when they finish at John Knox.  Some attend local high schools in Petrolia, Forest, or Sarnia.  Others continue their Christian education at high schools in Komoka and London.

Is your school affiliated with any church denomination?

No, we are an independent and interdenominational school.  Students from various denominations come to John Knox.  The common thread is a desire to have a quality Christ-centred education.

Do you receive any government funding?

No.  Our funds come from families who pay tuition. Supporting members from the community also provide annual funds.  Additional monies come from a variety of fundraising efforts and special donations from groups or individuals.

How do parents get involved with the school?

There are many opportunities to volunteer to read with students or help them with specific tasks under guidance from staff.  As an independent school, John Knox relies on committees of volunteers to do much of the behind the scenes work.  Our library also has room for volunteer helpers and readers.  Strengths and interests of volunteers are matched to identified needs and available tasks.

How Can I Find Out More About the School?

You are invited to explore our website and to ask the school office for an information magazine.  The best way to find out more is to arrange a visit to the school, tour the facility, and meet the staff. Arrangements can be made by calling the school. Additional information can also be found here.

Does the school have recognized academic standards?

John Knox Christian School is registered with the Ontario Ministry of Education.  We follow their guidelines and meet or exceed expectations they set in the core subject areas.

What makes John Knox Christian School different from other elementary schools?

The”Christian” label attached to the school is more than a name.  Yes, the school does integrate faith, Christian principles, and learning. It is evident in all subjects and also evident in the relationships among students.  In addition, the school stresses discernment to encourage students to distinguish the beneficial from the deficient.  The school partners closely with parents to co-ordinate learning. Students have opportunities to take part in a variety of activities in sports, music, clubs, and service to build confidence and develop skills.

Do you have standardized testing?

John Knox Christian School administers the Canadian Test of Basic Skills every other year to students in grades three through eight.  It measures skills in math, language, and science.  Our students score well, but we use the results mostly to identify shortfalls in the curriculum and to track student growth.

What extra-curricular activities are offered?

Students play a full range of sports including soccer, cross-country, volleyball, basketball, track and field, badminton, and softball.  In the upper grades, students are encouraged to play on the school teams.  There are also clubs organized in response to teacher and student interest.  In any given year, there may be an art club, a writers’ club, a guitar club, or a special interest club.


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