Why choose JKCS?

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Why consider John Knox Christian School?

Basically, if an all around quality educational experience, rooted in enduring Christian values, is something you desire for your child, then take the time to think about our school.  JKCS is a community of  students, teachers, support staff, parents, and volunteers. The family-like atmosphere creates a safe learning place for students.

Accredited and caring teachers encourage and support students with a variety of learning activities and approaches.  The best of traditional teaching is blended with the necessary twenty-first century skills. Students work with current technology, but they are also encouraged to exercise discernment, develop critical thinking skills and creative skills as they advance through the grades.

A Christian foundation serves as the solid basis for curriculum, for teaching / learning activities, and for staff / student relationships.  Our goal is that students may thrive in their various pursuits and offer valuable service to their communities.